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November 24, 2017 Robert McLeman
In this episode, Robert interviews musician, filmmaker and author Pete McCormack about his novel 'Understanding Ken', published nearly 20 years ago. Set in 1970s British Columbia, the book describes the travails of a boy coming to terms with his parents' messy divorce and Ken Dryden's unexpected decision to quit playing goal for the Montreal Canadiens and return to law school. All the while, the boy struggles to build a backyard rink that simply will not freeze. McCormack keeps us in stitches in this podcast as he describes his inspiration for the novel, his own hockey history, and his lifelong love of the game. In the second interview, award winning rink maker Jean-Francois Ouimet discusses the cultural importance of outdoor skating to Montrealers, and shares tips on how to get a perfect sheet of ice on your home rink this winter.
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