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December 01, 2017 Robert McLeman
In this episode, California-based, Winnipeg-born artist, sculptor, and professor Mia Feuer describes two of her amazing rink-inspired art installations. First up is 'The Decline of Outdoor Skate-ability', a giant 3D graph built in a Montreal park from hockey sticks, skates, and automobile taillights (it's the cover image for this episode). Then she describes a black rink she built inside The Corcoran Galley of Art in Washington DC, where visitors were invited to skate on a surface made of crude oil instead of ice. Also featured in this episode is graphic artist Shelley Jackson who describes how her backyard rink helps her balance career and busy family life in rural Grey County, Ontario. The image on the Rinktalk home page is one of Shelley's beautiful photos. Links: www.miafeuer.com, www.facebook.com/shelleyjacksondesign, www.rinkwatch.org, reimerwattsmusic.com
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