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Rinks of hope
December 08, 2017 Robert McLeman
In this episode, Robert interviews three parents whose families face unique challenges, and learns how a backyard rink has played an important role in helping them meet those challenges. If this episode doesn't grab at your heartstrings, you're as cold and hard inside as a well-made rink in mid-January. In the first interview, Kris Jackson of Fort McMurray, Alberta, describes how his family lost their home and award-winning backyard rink in the 2016 wildfire that destroyed much of the town, and how his family and community have been rebuilding and moving forward. Next, Todd Churchill describes how he built his stunning NHL-quality backyard rink in Portugal Cove, Newfoundland, to raise money for children's charities, inspired by his own son (the photo accompanying this episode is of Todd's rink). Finally, Phil Schimke of Edina, Minnesota describes the backyard rink he built so that neigbourhood kids can skate and hang out with his son who, because of a genetic disorder, is unable to skate himself. Links: www.reasonfortherink.com, www.fragilex.org, www.rinkwatch.org, reimerwattsmusic.com, www.wbir.com/article/news/local/fathers-ice-rink-fills-backyard-and-a-purpose/412758381
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